Weekly Horoscopes

28th November 2020


Mar 21 - Apr 20

There are times to argue and times to stay quiet. You’ve realised that recent information you’ve learnt is better kept under wraps for now. Keep it that way, especially on Wednesday when chatty friends will be trying to get you to dish the dirt. Time on your own helps you reflect on what a younger person said or did recently. Ring now to find out why you’re more psychic of late.


Apr 21 - May 21

There is a feeling that nothing is in your control. You’re wrong, it is. You just have to open your mouth and make your choices. The reason you’re feeling stuck is because you’re not moving. Something needs updating in order to make your journey a smooth one. Make sure you make time to list what needs to be done. Your future options change, if you do. Ring now to finish your forecast.


May 22 - June 21

Your energy levels are up and down. It seems from your stars that it is more an emotional reaction you are experiencing, than a physical one. Sometimes for a sign such as you, the two go hand in hand. Knowing how far is too far to go with financial risks can help you find the proof of security in the days ahead. Ring now to hear why it’s worth taking new faces numbers and contact details.


June 22 - July 23

People listen when you speak this week, so be careful what you say. I know, and you will too soon enough, that several splits in your circle could see words being used as evidence of loyalty. Money matters come to the fore and you have to decide where to give and take. Taking more time to make this area a priority this week can see a successful new plan come together. Ring now to hear more.


July 24 - Aug 23

Don’t give up. That is the place and time that the tide will turn. Fight harder for what you want, as you and I can see that you are not being heard. Fun times link to you finding true friends and not those you think are good ‘contacts’. It’s friends, not associates, you need to enter December. Your professional choices are about to be made from the heart. Ring now to better understand family.


Aug 24 - Sept 23

You’re not quite sure how things are going to come out after the last few week’s dramas and events. It’s not actually your life that is going to be shaken by what’s occurred, but that of those around you. Don’t forget this fact and lose sight of where the support must go. What you say and do at this time will be remembered for months, if not years, to come. Ring now to make the most of life.


Sept 24 - Oct 23

This is life and imperfection is beautiful. Don’t be afraid of that, Libra, but embrace it. If we were all alike, then life would be boring. It’s about time you started living the life you want, instead of the crumbs that certain faces have offered you. No half measures, no variants. You’re taking charge of the ship called life. Ring to find out why you need to act fast in love this weekend.


Oct 24 - Nov 22

Dealings with large organisations may drag this week and it is going to be up to you to be persistent. Friends want to know more than you want to say. Make it clear where you will and won’t go with your conversations before you meet up with others. Use Thursday and Friday to look at financial affairs, it’s how you’ll clear your conscience. Ring now to delve deeper.


Nov 23 - Dec 21

Know how long is too long to be annoyed at a close one for. You are at risk of taking things too far with the antagonistic mood the stars are casting over you. You may need the same understanding shown to you when you end up running around to gain extra funds in the days ahead, so try to smooth out bumps in the road quickly. Ring now to hear why this year is the making of you.


Dec 22 - Jan 20

Others won’t do for you, what you would do for them. Before you get angry, ask yourself if you would expect them to do something they didn’t enjoy. Be versatile and open to new suggestions. Maybe it’s the star’s way of saying to you that you need to change things up? Homework you do regarding upcoming work changes does much for how you’ll fit in. Ring now for answers.


Jan 21 - Feb 19

When you try to protect yourself, it is hard sometimes to not go too far the other way and to appear uncaring. You do care though, very much, don’t you Aquarius? Talk to the faces you’ve gone off track with. Much can be done to bring you closer together. There’s trouble controlling younger faces. Keep your cool to keep your respect. They learn from you! Ring now to find balance.


Feb 20 - Mar 20

There was a time when you would have done anything a loved one asked you. Nowadays, you want to check every fact and figure for yourself. That’s understandable, you’re a Pisces, but it’s happening more often than not lately. Plan a day (or night) to work out where you want to go and where you want your life to lead. It’s time to see if you’re heading the same way. Ring now for help.

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