Weekly Horoscopes

13th July 2020


Mar 21 - Apr 20

You’re negotiating, but the truth is you’ve been negotiating since this year began. All that’s changed is what you’re negotiating about! Step back and take a breath. Life is much more fun when you turn your head and take in the view around you. What you want has changed as your values have. You want less, but others will see it as more. Stand your ground, you have earned the right.


Apr 21 - May 21

Your energy levels have been a study all of their own for you this year. What you discover this week, is that you now have the tools you need to pace yourself. You were pushing your limits for others who didn’t even notice and weren’t even grateful. This week you breathe this pain out and breathe in a more independent personal life. Ring now to hear how Jupiter blesses financial developments.


May 22 - June 21

You seem to be finding it hard to warm to a new face who has entered a close one’s life. Are you wary of them, or jealous of them? I don’t think you even know yet, do you? Give them time to reveal themselves to you. A strong character like that is not created without a little pain along the way. Don’t lead on a promise you will never make. Ring now to hear why you can’t get an ex off your mind.


June 22 - July 23

It is vital that you come together with family. If not, this is the week that ties will be cut. I know that this year has been hard, but I also know that is the very time you wanted others to make the extra effort. You have carried so much alone. You don’t have to if you talk this week. Try laying all, and not just some, of your cards on the table. You’re at a friendly table! Ring now for help.


July 24 - Aug 23

What others see as a crisis, you now see as a normal part of modern life today. You have no desire to waste your energy on those who seem to be stuck in a bad place. Don’t waste an opportunity to lift up those around you on Wednesday. Mercury gives you the words you need to turn any frown upside down. Ring me now to find out why you can afford to ask for more in love this year.


Aug 24 - Sept 23

There is no time like the present to find out how you do all that you’ve talked about wanting to do. Don’t do what you do, Virgo, and tell everyone before you’ve even applied for the future you want. You’re your own worst enemy when you do that, my friend. News of a new work avenue helps you and your associates. Ring now to hear which career your sign is tailor made for.


Sept 24 - Oct 23

So, you’ve wasted time going up a path that was not for you. That’s not time wasted, Libra, that’s a lesson learnt. Try to appreciate what you know you don’t want now and will never go back to. Offers of financial support surprise you. You see that you were right to be wary and you realise that next time you should trust your sixth sense. Call me now if you want to learn how to develop it.


Oct 24 - Nov 22

Time you spend going over old paperwork can see you finding some of your best ideas yet. You’re inspired by who you see and what you learn. You’re not afraid to explore avenues which previously did not appeal to you. Try to be flexible with your timing at the weekend, when you may offend a close one when you de-prioritise them. Ring now to find out who is behind this mixed mood you’re feeling.


Nov 23 - Dec 21

You’re not sure if you’ve got the capacity to deal with a certain face for much longer. Use your words this week. This moon is behind you on Monday to say what needs to be said and to find support. Someone you promised to help out financially is not as stranded as they claim. Check their story and you could save a small fortune. Ring me now so you can develop and grow.


Dec 22 - Jan 20

The need to be alone, to work out what it is you want to do with your future, is not constructive time. Why not instead talk to those who can offer you insight into what your next choices can be? Open your mind to applying your job skills to a different spectre of your profession. I can see you need a change of pace. Don’t deny your spirit. Ring now so I can bring out the strength in your sign.


Jan 21 - Feb 19

A close one’s actions have dictated what you now have to do next. You see that they have proven clearly with whom their loyalty should lie. You no longer feel responsible for what they do next. But you do know what you want to do next and who you need to talk to. Thursday and Friday see many of you making a love decision which will change everything. Call now to delve deeper.


Feb 20 - Mar 20

Try playing a bit of reverse psychology with close ones this week. Tell them you’ll give in to all they want and give up all you had planned. If you can do it with calm, poise and belief, you and they will hear how preposterous their ideas sound. Your stony silence was only leading to you looking like the guilty party. Ring now to hear why and what invitation is winging its way to you.

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