Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Healing patterns of behavior that cause us to willingly sabotage ourselves and miss out on achieving our greatest potential are at the heart of a happy life. As we begin to understand why we do what we do to sabotage ourselves we begin a healing process that frees us to live with greater peace of mind, wholeness, and joy. Overcoming self-sabotage significantly changes everything in our lives from our diets and relationships all the way through to how we choose to relax and socialise. 

If you ever find yourself saying or doing anything that creates a brick wall where you’d rather have an open door then you can follow these five lessons and free yourself today from self-sabotage. 

Lesson 1: Clean up toxic emotions from your past: our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and if we’re refusing to release old grudges and judgments then we’re guaranteed that the same old worn-out resentments will keep on sabotaging every moment we hoped would be a turning point in our lives. We’re human and will always have within us every emotion known to humankind but the toxic emotions that we believe protect us but in fact, keep us stuck need to be released.

Lesson 2: Look at where you’re stubborn: sometimes we need to acknowledge that it’s safe to ‘give in’ and acknowledge someone else knows best because the willingness to sabotage ourselves rather than accept an offer of help or advice means we’re missing opportunities to better ourselves. You’ll have good reasons why you’ve learned to do this but cutting your nose off to spite your face…it’s got to stop. 

Lesson 3: Boundaries: when our boundaries are non-existent or too rigid, we need to reposition them.  We can’t change others, but we can change our own perception of what is and is not acceptable to us and let’s face it, anyone worth having in our life will not need us to point out our boundaries to them. Start by opening up your boundaries, testing the water, and observing how your relationships with others change.  Affirm: I am safe and willing to be open to new possibilities.

Lesson 4: Feel comfortable with discomfort: this is one of the biggest reasons why we self-sabotage. We can’t bear to feel discomfort or vulnerability because it tends to bring up all kinds of challenging memories - which is why we’ve ended up as saboteurs in the first place. You may literally shake as you open yourself up to feelings of discomfort, but we can’t get anywhere unless we’re willing to feel a little bit vulnerable.

Lesson 5: Your most powerful self: this is who you’ll be when you stop sabotaging yourself. Remember, taking necessary action is the key to transformation so take the required steps above slowly but surely and give yourself every opportunity to be the greatest version of yourself you can be.  Self-sabotage has been necessary for you in some ways up until now but it’s a habit that can be broken more easily than you think.

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