What is an Animal Spirit Guide?

Animal Spirit Guides are becoming increasingly popular in western spiritual teachings and are used more and more in our healing practices. We can trace the first animal guides back thousands of years to the first shamans who relied on the wisdom and Divine guidance from their animal guides as an integral part of their shamanic journey and to provide insight into human behavior and personalities. 

What is an Animal Spirit Guide?

Animal Spirit Guides are, as their name suggests, spiritual guides, teachers or messengers that take the form of animals. They choose who they will guide in this lifetime and they’re with us to provide life lessons in very much the same way as other Spirit Guides are. We may have one or more animal guides during our lifetimes and depending on what we need to learn and the lessons we need to complete during a specific chapter in our lives will very much depend on the animal who comes forward to help us. Each animal guide has a general meaning that will be relevant to you, but they also have personal messages for us too.

How do I know which animal is my Spirit Guide?

If you’ve had a life-long love of a specific animal, then chances are you’re already working with the energy of your animal guide.  More-often-than-not an animal you keep seeing or hearing about is trying to make you consciously aware of their purpose in your life and is asking you to pay attention to something that will benefit from their energy. If you need to receive a message from an animal that is less likely to cross your path such as an elephant or snake, then pay attention to your dreams as this is another popular way for animal spirits to appear to us.  

How would I receive a message from my animal guide?

Once you’ve acknowledged that a regular dream or sighting is more than a coincidence you can begin researching in books or on-line about the meaning your animal spirit guide carries for you. For example, you suspect your dog or cat may be your animal guide then your research will reveal a meaning associated with this animal that will be relevant to you. If you’re constantly seeing images or elephants or dreaming of snakes, then the same applies: their meaning is waiting to be revealed to you.

Another way to receive your message is through mediation:

Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit. Relax and breathe. Allow your body to release all stress and tension and when you feel ready invite your animal spirit guide to come forward. Spend a few moments recognising each other and then thank it for coming. Ask what message it has for you. When you have received your message thank your animal guide and ask if he or she will walk by your side as you navigate your path through life. Know that by asking this you have granted your animal guide the permission it needs to protect you on your journey.

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