Celebrity Prediction with Eamonn Holmes

The King is in his counting house counting out his money, and at the same time sharpening his vitriolic tongue, like a Knight of old ready to do battle (verbally of course) with anything that he sets his sights on and has an emotional reaction to. That is usually any female presenter who happens to be around him except his wife, who I have to say he obviously loves very much because that side of his nature gets toned down when he is with her! Well done Mrs Holmes.

Having not long signed a new contract with Sky TV News until 2018, you would think that everything in the garden was rosy predictable and successful, but is it? There is every indication somewhere between December 2014 and September 2015 that he's going to find himself in a minefield that he is not going to be able to cut his way through. Whether that is to do with his work or his private life is up to the gods. But there is a law of karma that says what comes around goes around, and it seems to be the time to deal with those issues that he has built up within his life over the last few years. 

There is a strong indication for a year of consolidation, not only in his career but also financially. I wonder if there is a book deal in there later in the year. It may just be that he decides that it's time to start winding down with a view to retiring in three years time. In the end you have to ask yourself the question when can you stop working so hard and start enjoying life? I'm not sure that that is a question that Mr Holmes is willing to look at or answer any time soon.


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