Celebrity Prediction with Sir Alan Sugar

Sugar by name, acid by nature! The original East Ender (born in Hackney) literally had to fight his way up from nothing to what we see and sort of love today. Yes he does have a very hard shell and yes he does have a sword for a tongue, he says it how he sees it!  

But love him or loathe him you have to respect him! He started selling car aerials and electrical goods out of a van which he had bought with his savings of £50. At a very early age! (about 16) And as we all know he has done very well with many diverse businesses with his entrepreneurial skills. His ability to think outside the box and adapt those thoughts to earning money has stood him in good stead to be a multi-millionaire and to boot a Sir! He's also been willing to make mistakes, learn from his mistakes and then turn those mistakes into positive endings! Something that we could all learn from.

He seems to be on a roll at the moment belying his 67 years of age. He still seems to have fingers in many pies and he still seems to be coming up with ideas that he can make money with! It looks like there is something quite big that he steps into next year that may also be for people's good not just for making money. But then you have to ask yourself when do you have enough money, when do you slow down and enjoy what you've got? The answer to that for him seems to come in 2016.


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