Psychic Living brings to you high quality low cost psychic readings.

We have some of the UK’s most talented psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants and Tarot readers who can give you insight and guidance in all areas of life. If your reading is about relationships, love, family or work-related issues – our psychics are compassionate, caring and honest so that when your reading comes to an end, whether it’s a phone, text, email or chat reading, you will have peace of mind and clarity.

  • High Quality Psychic Readings
  • Phone, Text & Email Services
  • Low Cost
  • Love, Relationships, Work, Career, Home & Family

We believe that everyone should be able to speak to a psychic when they need to, which is why at Psychic Living we strive at all times to offer the most sensitive pricing across all of our services, meaning that you can still have an empowering and enlightening reading which will not cost you the earth!

Our psychics are part of our family at Psychic Living and we are part of the Allstar Media Services Group.

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