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0333 calls charged at stand network rate. 18+. Calls recorded. Entertainment only. May receive free marketing msgs. Text PLSTOP to 85485 to Stop. SP: Allstar Psychics. Helpdesk 0208 712 5690.

Opening Your Third Eye

So, we’ve all heard talk about this ‘third eye’, but what actually is it and what does it do?

Our third eye is located on our forehead, just between both eyebrows; that’s right, we all have one and we use it more often that you would think! Also known as the sixth chakra, your third eye helps you to tap into your intuition in a new, and more developed way. Let’s say you come to a crossing, and you need to take one of two paths, ever wondered what that feeling is in your gut, telling you which way to go? Or, how about when the phone rings, and you know who it is before you even answer? That’s your third eye working its magic and allowing your intuition to shine through.

Once you learn how to control your third eye and embrace the powers it exerts, you will then have the ability to see beyond what is physically present in the moment. It can be a long journey, the road to fully managing your third eye, but here are a few simple steps to set you on the right track.

1. Pay attention to your dreams
So often we dream; unusual dreams, scary dreams, wonderful dreams, and so often we dismiss them, brush them off, and push them to the back of our minds. Instead, I urge you to start a dream journal; scribble down every detail, remember them, listen to them.

2. Nurture your creativity
Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild! Perhaps you could begin a new craft or hobby, and get those creative juices flowing. Becoming engrossed in an act of creativity such as painting, allows your mind to calm and thus the third eye capacity has more space to unfold and blossom.

3. Eat a nutritious diet
Food choices are incredibly important for aligning your chakras; unfortunately, this means that snacking on cakes, crisps and cookies all day long isn’t going to cut it. It is said you’re your food choices govern your energy, and adding more purple foods to your diet, such as eggplant, grapes, blueberries, and purple kale, will help to boost and balance your third eye.

4. Meditate with crystals
There are a number of crystals and gemstones that may be used to open, activate, and balance the third eye. The best crystals to use whilst meditating include amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and purple fluorite. Simply place the crystals on the floor around you whilst you meditate, or alternatively, holding the crystal whilst meditating can help to release the energies inside.

5. Practice yoga
Yoga is a great tool for helping to balance your third eye chakra; an unbalanced chakra can leave you feeling confused, unfocused, and indecisive. The calming ritual of yoga can help to cleanse the soul, calm the mind, and ultimately, set you up for accessing your third eye.

6. Practice breath work
A brilliant practice for everyday life, breathwork comes with many benefits; it is especially useful in opening your third eye. Whilst there several different styles and techniques, holotropic breathwork is particularly well-suited to opening your sixth chakra. The practice itself involves quickening and controlling breathing patterns to influence your physical, mental, and emotional states.

If you practice these steps regularly, you will be well on your way to managing and eventually opening your third eye chakra. This means you will have the ability to read your environment and access intuitions about the path you should follow in life. At times, you may also be able to tune into the vibrations of those around you.

It is important to remember that there’s no quick, ‘go-to’ way to opening the third eye; it takes a lot of patience, hard work, and perseverance. However, I can promise you that the final destination is well worth the wait; it will not be long before you start seeing more with your eye, and less with your eyes.

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