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Kathy's Story

By David RF - Pin 2274

I remember the day Kathy came to me for a reading because as soon as connected with her I could feel her grief. As I started to shuffle my tarot cards I told Kathy I felt the presence of her mum very strongly from Spirit world. I asked Kathy if she was open to Spirit communication which she was as it was her mum she really wanted to connect with.

After laying the tarot cards out I explained to Kathy that I could feel a ring being taken off and deception around a long term relationship along with a lot of upset emotions and uncertainty. Kathy confirmed she had just caught her fiancée cheating on her and that their relationship was over for good. Her mum chimed in from spirit saying how she never liked her fiancée, Kathy laughed and said yes.

As my connection with Kathy’s mum deepened I Clairvoyantly saw a thumb print in my mind and I kept getting pulled to my throat area I told Kathy what I saw and felt. Kathy then told me that when her mum had been diagnosed with her terminal illness her mum had a gold thumb print pendant made for her on a gold chain as a gift of remembrance.  Kathy was astounded by that piece of evidence and knew that I was connecting with her mum.

As I read with two sets of tarot cards because they give a more in depth and accurate reading I could see the lover’s card in one set of Kathy’s cards and the six of cups in the second set of cards so I knew a blast from the past would be making a re-appearance in Kathy’s love life in the near future and that happier times were coming. I also kept seeing a white coat and I asked Kathy did she have a doctor’s appointment coming up? She replied she didn’t have any appointments coming up and could not understand the evidence I was bringing her. Kathy’s mum then told me it was her giving me the doctor’s coat Clairvoyantly and that it would be very significant in a happy way for Kathy in the next 3 months so I relayed this message to Kathy.

Four months later Kathy contacted me as she wanted to tell me the significance of the white coat. She told me 6 weeks earlier she and her friends had been on a night out when one of her friends had fallen over and twisted her ankle. Kathy took her friend to the A & E to be checked out and there she met Michael who was one of the doctors on call that night but who was also an old flame from many years ago. Kathy went on to say they later reconnected and that now they are about to move in together and that she was sure her mum had something to do with this from the spirit world. She could not believe how much her life had changed within those 3 months from despair to utter unexpected joy and happiness.

As a Psychic Medium having readings like Kathy’s inspires me in my work as this story shows positive and unexpected changes can just be around the corner no matter how bad things may seem.

Love & light,
David x



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