Celebrity Prediction with Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor 6 August 1937

What a trooper! Nearly 77 years old and still counting with as much style and pizazz in her acting as she had in the early Carry On film days! She is a supernova in the starry heavens of the acting profession. A wonderful lady who has weathered enormous ups and downs in life and love and personal happiness. A lady ruled completely by the planet Uranus = 'I did it my way', and ‘You ain't seen nothing yet energy’!

Underneath that, the show must go on no matter what routine, there is a fragile and sensitive heart that has been let down, most probably early in life but also in relationships. But as I said the show must go on and she will not wear her heart on her sleeve.

The question from everybody who watches East Enders is will she return? At the moment it looks like she's keeping people guessing but there is strong indication that there is quiet negotiation going on in the background and I would imagine May or June will be the information moment that she is coming back on her terms, maybe not quite so intensely as she worked at the Queen Vic in the past, but there is definitely some sudden unexpected change of mind and heart showing in her future through this year! In fact we could all start the chant 'WE WANT PEGGY!'.

Obviously when you are an icon (and you can only be that once you're past 70) then you have to be careful and she needs to pace herself through this year, but she has always managed her own life successfully and this next 18 months will be no different whatsoever. They just don't make people like this anymore. RARA Barbara Windsor Queen of the Cobbles!


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