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Runes by Nicole Salamate


By Nicole Salamate

Runes are a set of ancient symbols, originally forming part of an alphabetic script, in which each symbol has a specific meaning. They have been used amongst the people of Northern Europe and within Germanic languages from just before the start of the first century.  Not only have they been utilised as a form of alphabet, but also as system of divination and magic. 

Their popularity has resurged over recent years and there are several rune sets and card sets readily available for purchase. They are a popular means of divination, with rune stones generally stored in bag from which they can be drawn or cast for reading.

For many of us, they are often used as an oracle for seeking advice. They may not always give us direct answers to our questions, yet often they can enhance our comprehension of a situation and the choices we have available. Sometimes they suggest that we need to be taking more responsibility for our actions and patterns of behaviour.  Other times they suggest that we simply stop and observe what is really taking place.  They give us a sense of empowerment in that they leave it up to us to figure out the answers.  They teach us that although there is such a thing as destiny, as we explore ourselves and the world in which we live more deeply, we can make changes that have an effect upon ourselves, others and the future.

Possibly you do not have a particular question or situation in mind when drawing a rune, but you could always ask for some advice appropriate for you? Maybe you feel unsure of the way forwards in a relationship and want to explore choices available?  Maybe you have dilemmas or decisions to be made around your career pathway? Maybe you are feeling stuck in a rut? Maybe you just need to allow the runes to communicate directly with you? Be open to allowing their meaning and imagery to bring you insight, direction and answers. Learn to enjoy them, get to know them individually and allow them to guide you in the way they can best be used to enhance your own lives.

Do not be surprised when working with the Runes, that you find yourself connecting with deeper underlying meanings.  Maybe you start to discover connections to their symbolism which has been strongly influenced from alphabets including Etruscan, Ancient Greek and Latin? Maybe you start to feel connections to the magical traditions surrounding our Germanic, Baltic, Nordic and Celtic ancestors? Maybe you start to feel more connected to the elements? Maybe you start to become more focussed on what you can change, as opposed to what you cannot! Whatever you discover is relevant to you and over time and with practice, you can learn how to interpret what is right for you! Just maybe they will be able to assist you in becoming more of a master of your own destiny?















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