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Celebrity Prediction with Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby - 10th Feb 1981

Holly Willoughby is truly a tender and caring human being! She can definitely be called a World Humanitarian. When she is emotionally connected to something she puts a heart and soul into creating as much benefit for that cause as she can. Although she is dyslexic she has wonderful skills of communication and would be really good as an ambassador for something special and close to her heart.

There is strong indication at the moment that she doesn't really know what she wants or what way she's going, it's like she's in the process of a spiritual, emotional rebirth. I don't know if this is around having another child, changing her home or finding something more inspiring to get her teeth into, but she seems to be stepping back, just a little, for a short period of time. During that time she may go through some kind of makeover, there seems to be a desire to change the way that she presents herself. She may also go through a spiritual rebirth.

And I do mean a short period of time there are strong negotiations going on around her at the moment about what she is going to do next, she seems to want something more substance, something that she can get inspired about and feel that she is achieving the success she deserves. Prediction, we will see her in a new role to present more thrilling information to us her devoted public.


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