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If you’re a genuinely gifted psychic and like the idea of working from home on a self-employed basis, being able to choose your own hours and earning a competitive rate per minute we would like to hear from you. Our psychics are paid direct to their bank accounts, have full-time support from our team and unlike some companies, are respected and treated as part of the family.


We have vacancies for telephone psychics, online chat psychics, text psychics and email reading psychics. As part of our recruitment procedure, you will be required to fill in an application form and will be asked to carry out test readings with our team. Upon acceptance, you will be expected to go through a training session to inform you of company guidelines and governing body regulations so that you feel confident when you start your readings.


Our management staff are always available to offer you support and training whenever you need it. We have years’ experience in working with psychics so understand the dedication on both parts to work together as a team so that we offer the best service that we can always ensuring that the psychics and the callers are happy.

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If you would like to apply to be a part of our team at Psychic Living, simply email your name and contact telephone number and we will give you call:

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