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Celebrity Prediction with Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham - 17th April 1974

Posh she was, Posh she is and Posh she will always be! And as David is going to get knighted at some point in the next short period of time she will become Lady Beckham! This lady has more style and panache in her little finger than most of us mere mortals have put together! You cannot just look at Victoria without David! They are a team =Team Beckham! Now David's football career is done and dusted on the playing field at least, Victoria is coming into her own to take the Beckham Brand high in the fashion world. Having got started with the resources from David's magnificent football career there is strong indication she will become a major earner-if not the major earner in the family for the future.

November 2013 brings something new in her business plans as an add-on to the fashion world, and with such a beautiful daughter it would seem to me she also begins to design designer clothes for children and teenagers. There definitely seems to be major changes in her family life as she goes through March next year and quite honestly I wouldn't say that her baby making days are completely over, there is always a chance of a new member of Team Beckham coming from late 2014/2015. And to give her great credit she has babies, she looks after them beautifully and from what I can see she is an excellent mum.


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