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Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams - Born: 13th Feb 1974

Robbie Williams was born in this life to do everything big, first of all big ego followed by a big voice followed by the ability to negotiate and sell himself until he was a big person and had big money! And that was all that really mattered to this man until 18th of September 2012. On that day his daughter was born and that changed everything within his life and heart. For the first time he felt that he had helped create something and somebody very special. It just goes to prove that money and fame is not what really counts. There is every indication that Robbie Williams JR is being worked on to create perfect family at some point in the future.

Apparently he has sold the most albums on the planet ever! So you can expect his new album in November to be out amongst the top of the charts around the world! He really is a global phenomenon! Some indication in January that he's thinking about changing homes or it may well be that he decides he wants to live in a warmer climate. He is coming up for his 40th birthday next February and he doesn't seem to like the cold! My prediction is that as he goes through May through July next year there will be information about the birth of Robbie Williams Jr coming into the world in 2015.


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