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Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger: Born 29/6/1978 

Nicole Scherzinger is a beautiful lady with a beautiful soul with the ability to bring sunshine, light and happiness into people's lives but on the flip side she is eccentric! She is driven to be famous and a complete and utter fastidious perfectionist. Her first love will always be her family and her country; she is philosophically connected to the American way. But you should not under any circumstances believe that this lovely lady is a pushover, she is very strong, very determined and will get wherever she wants to be.

Major opportunity comes in November with the release of her next album when she will be working very hard to build on her celebrity and musical ability as a solo singer. Although it’s success may not be quite as fantastic as she hopes, she is building kudos and widening her fan base very strongly. I foresee big changes around the beginning of January! This is a lady who ducks and dives when it comes to relationships, mostly because she can't find a man strong enough to respect. My prediction is a new man steps into her life early January or approximately around then, sweeps her off her feet and changes her life completely and forever! Not only is he a good-looking man, he is a man of means and also creative like her. He will absolutely adore her and she him, and crucially be strong enough to stand up to her. We will see this open up possibilities of marriage and children for her. It’s exciting times!


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