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The Power of Self-Respect

The Power of Self-Respect

Self-respect is an incredibly important part of human growth and so many of us have experienced times when we may have lacked the confidence and self-respect to make the right major life decisions, resulting in difficult pro-longed situations that do us no good.

Life in itself challenges us from many angles from such a young age. Even at school we are faced with situations where we have to make decisions or stand up for ourselves when we may not have the confidence or the experience to empower us.

Being aware of keeping your self-respect in situations is something that we don’t always think about. A wrong decision or action has consequences that can change everything and sometimes not to our advantage. Believing in ourselves and the choices we make is imperative but also accepting that sometimes we can make the wrong choices and to not being hard on ourselves. Self-respect comes from confidence within us and having this will gain the deserved respect from others. The difference can be enormous and it can change not only your current circumstances but also your future.

There are times when displaying your self-respect to others is crucial. For example, a difficult work situation where your superior is being unreasonably demanding perhaps expecting you to deal with areas of work you may not be experienced in and which does not come under your job description. We may feel intimidated and so just get on with the job, lacking the confidence in what we’re doing and worrying about making a mistake. Actually standing up to your boss and calmly explaining that you’re happy to attempt the work but would need some guidelines to make sure you do it correctly is perfectly acceptable – and should be seen by them as conscientious.

Having self-respect in relationships is extremely important. Without self-respect, we may choose the wrong partner, accept being treated badly and never feel strong enough to change anything. Before we know it, our relationship is mapped out to become an increasingly troublesome and challenging part of our life which we sadly just accept. To have and show self-respect to our partners will in turn encourage their respect for us. Similar to the old saying, ‘to love another you must love yourself first’, - to gain respect from others, we must respect ourselves first. Once you have the balance of self-respect and respect for others, you can build a secure foundation of trust and confidence together making sure you are on a balanced and equal plain.

Our vision of ourselves is created from such a young age. We grow from children to adults with many attributing factors affecting our character, our outlook on life and how we envisage our future life. When we grow up we watch and learn from our parents, our peers and our surroundings, and from this we learn the basics of life about relationships. When we have experienced unusual behaviour or difficult times which we may not know is out of the norm then, we should learn as adults what is right and wrong. Children need to be nurtured and taught how to deal with situations, feeling respect for themselves and for others around them.

Self-respect is possibly the most important thing in life. Don’t let your self-respect be tainted by how others treat you. Know that you are a strong individual who deserves their own opinion and to be treated fairly and with respect. There are several ways to boost your self-respect, many self-help books, meditations and complimentary therapies such as NLP and professional counselling, but if your confidence is suffering at the moment and you need a little boost to help you make an important decision or understand a situation, our psychics at Psychic Living are here to help. A psychic reading can change your whole outlook on life, how you feel about yourself and any challenges ahead. It can equip you to move forward and have faith that your future is full of promise and happiness.

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