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Celebrity Prediction with Peter Andre

Peter Andre (born 27 February 1973) Harrow United Kingdom

It seems like Peter Andre cannot resist women who know what they want and make a beeline to get him! So it was with Katie Price and so it is with his new relationship, Emily MacDonagh. She may be many years younger but she is determined young lady who knew what she wanted and wasn't going to settle for anything less than the life that he is offering her now and in the future. The only difference between these two women is the standard of personality. Katie is brass , Emily is platinum gold. Underneath the celebrity persona, Peter is actually a square solid man who wants to be in and create a family were people love each other and are not afraid to show it. It doesn't seem like he's had the opportunity for that in his life, or maybe he thought that being a celebrity was much better than it actually really is? There is every indication that an engagement ring will suddenly appear on her finger towards the end of the year and I feel that their baby will be born late December through the middle of January (I feel it will be a boy). Then there will be a few months to get things together followed by believe it or not - a quiet wedding. I feel he wants to keep things low key but it really depends on how much he's offered to put it on the front of the magazines! Nobody would turn down the silly money that magazines will pay for celebrity exclusivity. At least not Peter Andre!

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