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Letting Go in Love

Letting Go in Love

It goes without saying that relationships are very important in our life. We get used to having someone around, someone to rely on when we need them and someone to support us in everyday life. But what happens when we feel that that person no longer fulfils our relationship expectations?

Unsettling Times…

Feeling like love is slipping away in your relationship can be an upsetting and unsettling time. Many of us try and claw back what is left and to some degree often settle for what can be unfulfilling and can sometimes become destructive to other areas of our life.

Letting go of love is difficult. It takes over our thoughts, our actions and can become such an overwhelming situation that we feel completely lost and think life will never improve. However, letting go of a relationship may be the only option if you want to be happy. Do you often look at other relationships and hanker after the blissful union that you see? Do you wish that your partner could be more supportive, loving and understanding?

Sometimes people cannot change and so why would you want them to change if that wasn’t the true person that would stay with you forever? It may be a question of put up or get out! We can only try for so long to improve relationships and this has to come from both you and your partner. If your partner isn’t willing to try then you are losing a fighting battle.


Spiritually we are meant to know when it is time to let go, when our heart feels empty and our gut feeling knows that no matter what, there is no going back. Acceptance at this point becomes real and although may feel difficult, can often be a welcoming release that at last your head and your heart feel the same. Visualise this as the end of a chapter or a closing door, as another chapter starts and another door opens.

Bringing a relationship to an end for all the right reasons will release you into independence and new possibilities where you will be taking positive steps and getting back in control of your life.

Healing time…

Without a doubt, everyone needs healing time. This is the time from ending a relationship to the beginning of spending time with someone new. Meeting someone on the rebound often suffers consequences that usually end up in making the mistake of getting back with an ex, or causing more heartache. Rebound relationships usually don’t end up being long-term. You need to give yourself space and time to ‘be yourself’, to let your heart heal and to ponder over the lessons learnt from your previous relationship. Spend time with your family and friends, get your confidence and independence back, admire yourself for being strong in walking away and reap back your self-respect.

Confused at what to do?

Are you having difficulties in knowing if your relationship is just going through a rut or wondering if you maybe do have a future together? Are there trust issues or do you want to know if your relationship could be long-term? If you need guidance and clarity to know whether you should stay together or move on with your life, speak to one of our specialist relationship psychics. They will give you their honest and compassionate insight to what can often become such an overwhelming situation. See our homepage for details on available psychics.

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