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Celebrity Prediction with James Arthur

James Arthur

The X Factor winner was born 2nd March 1988 in Middlesbrough, UK,

James is a very deep feeling, complicated, wandering troubadour Shaman, and what that means is that he is on a life journey of self-discovery. His path is his music but he takes two steps forward and then one step back. He has a very complicated background around family and a sense of belonging and success is very important to him. If he can focus on the music and the future then there is much success to come. Music is his life path and his way to success and happiness, but being thrust into the limelight by winning something like X Factor can sometimes be too much too soon for some people.

Obviously the next step in his career is to get more music out and prove that he has what it takes to create his music on his own. At the moment it feels like he is see see-sawing between creativity and lethargy but the point is his music and talent comes out of that deep, dark place. It's like he immerses himself in his deep emotions and from that - creativity is born. August and September are particularly successful for him when creativity wins and he is laying down new music very successfully. I predict he will not be a one-hit wonder, although it may take him time to find the material for his next album, you can guarantee it's in the works. I believe that he will end up changing his style, growing into being more confident in himself and his abilities.

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