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Are You Psychic?

Are You Psychic?

Actually the majority of us are born with a psychic ability, more commonly spoken about as ‘Intuition’ or ‘Instincts’. We also call this our ‘gut feeling’ and most people will admit that there’s been many a time when they wish they had listened to their gut feeling! Interestingly, scientists have even carried out a recent study that proved that you can trust your intuition 90% of the time.

So how in tune with yourself are you? How often do you listen to your gut feeling and go with it? Perhaps you often put it down to coincidence! In fact, the natural instincts that we are born with are given as a sixth sense, encouraging us to respond naturally by listening to our inner voice.

Professional psychics have simply focussed on and developed this ability by fine tuning their intuition. They may also be clairvoyant which means they see images or symbolic pictures in their mind. A clairsentient means that they link in with the emotions of a person, connecting with how they are ‘feeling’ and sometimes finding the emotive state extremely overwhelming. A clairaudient will hear phrases or words in their mind, given to them by their spirit guides which may be relevant to you in your reading.

If you can relate to any of this then you probably have a stronger psychic ability than the average person who has not spent time developing theirs. If you would like to join a spiritual development class, then research your local area for classes and workshops. Speaking to one of our psychics will help you to understand and show you how to fine tune your ability as they will be able to tell you exactly how intuitive you are. We can also advise you and help you understand the steps to enhancing your intuition and psychic ability so that you can use it to your benefit and start to believe more in your gut feeling.

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