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Is Your Cat Psychic?

Is Your Cat Psychic?

These feline friends are one of the most popular household pets and many of us wouldn’t be without them. Cats are renowned to be ‘a psychic’s friend’ and the superstitious belief that a black cat that crosses our path is lucky may well ring true. Indeed it seems they are a true natural psychic species.

So what is it about these amazing animals that make them so special? Cats seem to have a natural intuition as so many people say that their cats are tuned in to them and know how they are feeling. It is even reported that cats know when their owners are having health problems by the change in their behaviour and many people have said that in some cases, this has possibly saved their life.

Cats are sensitive to changes in the weather and have the sixth sense to realise when something is out of the norm. They have been known to be aware of forthcoming natural disasters before humans have even noticed anything. In 1975, residents of Haicheng in China were evacuated due to a predicted earthquake and one of the reasons given by seismologists for their forecast was the unusual behaviour of cats. This saved the lives of approximately 150,000 people.

Cats are just like humans in that they are all individual and unique. Similar to humans they will each possess their own levels of intuition, some incredibly gifted and some not so gifted but most people will say without doubt, that they have a strong sixth sense. How many times has your cat appeared when you are feeling under the weather or upset? They are a human’s friend, by our side when we need them and tuned into our inner emotions quite possibly sometimes better than we are ourselves.

Many women have reported that their cat has known they are pregnant before they have even thought about doing a pregnancy test! There is no scientific proof but they are known to have an innate ability to sense that something is different and show it in their behaviour. It is believed that they will detect the differences in our behaviour, mood, posture and body chemistry, and what they pick up tells them that you are going through changes.

Has your cat every snuggled up to you when you’ve been tearful, or maybe lain on a particular part of your body that hurts? Cats seem to know how we are feeling and if there is a part of us that needs healing or unblocking of energy. Most people find that having a cuddle with their cat makes them feel calmer and more peaceful when they are off kilter.

If humans can tune into us psychically and give us healing energy, there is no reason to argue that animals can’t too. Most people would agree that cats have this natural gift, so nurture and love your cat as it may well know you better than anyone!

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