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The Crystal Ball

The Crystal Ball

The Crystal ball is often associated with psychic work and is known to enhance the skill of clairvoyance. It has been used for many years by clairvoyants for the art of ‘scrying’ which is to look and see symbols, images or pictures. The crystal ball is believed to show the past, present and future, bringing insight and guidance during a psychic reading.

The Crystal Ball is one of the many tools used by psychics to enhance and increase the power of their intuition, also known as ‘crystal scrying’ and ‘crystal seeing’. Many psychics find that they can predict current outcomes or future events, to look at a person’s character in depth or to help people make choices or decisions in life situations.

A reading with a clairvoyant who uses a crystal ball will be a similar experience to any other type of psychic reading you may have had. If you need guidance to make an important decision then the clairvoyant will be able to see visions or images that will relate to this situation for you. The crystal ball can be used for most types of readings and can be particularly good in love readings, especially predicting and giving a description of your future partner. It can also be good for house moves, if you want to know when and where you’re going to move, the clairvoyant may well see pictures of your future home.

Some of our psychics specialise in crystal ball readings so if you would like to experience a reading, you can see who uses this method of reading by checking their profiles.

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