Jessie J

Jessie J - Celebrity Prediction

Born: 27th March 1988 9:27 AM London

Jessie J was born under the guiding energy of Mercury, the great communicator. If there's anything to say about Jessie J, she is as straight-talking as they come. She is proud, powerful and definitely has a plan for creating her lifestyle as one of a respected celebrity and driven success. Being on The Voice UK, definitely put her before the public, and she will reap the rewards of that as she goes through 2013!

I feel that she seems to be in a rush to get as much done as soon as possible in her life and is extremely focussed on accomplishing everything that she sets her heart on. She has a very sensible business head and I would expect her to use that more as time goes on, possibly creating her own brands.

The indication in the stars is that she is in a very creative phase through most of 2013, more so than ever. Even though she recently had a new album out, she is also working on new songs and outside of music she seems to have a flair for creative writing too. She is full of ideas, most of which will come to success. She moved into a busy period from May and the following few months, where she has been open to much celebrity adulation. I feel that she may actually get a little bit homesick too, while she's travelling about all over the place. Her biggest accolade will come around the end of July, through the beginning of September, when her creativity and singing chalks up another 1st very successfully and I feel this is related to her album sales.
As for relationships…. She will have to make some extra spare time in 2013 if she is to be with someone!

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