Davina McCall

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Davina McCall : Born -16th October 1967, Wimbledon, London.

Underneath this beautiful, incredibly healthy, fantastic and successful woman's exterior, there lies a very complex soul. Davina has gone through many changes from being a young girl singer in a band all the way through to the polished presenter and celebrity that we have today When Davina makes up her mind to do something you can guarantee it happens, she just keeps working away at it until she creates what she wants, desires or needs. Since her birthday last year there seem to be a few things going on in the background. This may be to do with her personal life which will be closely guarded from the public. Davina is very private so you will only see what she wants you to see, but I feel that it’s something that may have rocked her world unexpectedly.

In her professional life at this time she is upwardly mobile and very successful, creating the right image, setting herself up as a middle-aged role model (yes, she is middle-aged although she doesn’t look it!). There are new ideas bouncing around, ideas being talked about, but she does not seem to feel ready to take steps in a new direction in the immediate future. My advice to her would be to continue doing what she's doing now rather than change or take on anything new especially if her personal life has not felt balanced. Positive new working changes and ventures will come next year, this year she needs to consolidate and negotiate whatever the challenge is in her private life - which of course she will do successfully in the end.

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