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It is said that each of us has a soulmate. In fact, many people believe that we can have more than one soulmate with whom we share an equal feeling of love, a bond of lifelong togetherness that can never be broken. So if we can have more than one soulmate, why is it that they can come into our life and then go again?

If indeed we do have more than one soulmate, people believe that each one comes into our life to teach us a ‘soul lesson’. They may feel like the love of your life, someone who you cannot imagine life without and then things start to change. Soulmates are people who supposedly have a soul connection which means that they have been together in a previous life. The past life together may have been a completely different relationship, instead of a romantic partner – they could have been a brother and sister for example, and have come back together in this life to learn and release any deep core lessons that they did not learn before.

Many people think that soulmates are brought together to be together forever. Yet sometimes this doesn’t happen but it is often very clear why the relationship has broken down and what has been learnt from it. There could be various reasons from learning to trust, learning to have more self-respect or to give more respect.

One should feel ‘complete’ when you have met your soulmate, like you have met the other half of you. There should be a trusted openness between you where you can talk about whatever you want to talk about without feeling threatened in any way. Characteristics may be similar, hopes and fears may be the same and life ambitions may also match. When you initially meet, you may find the energy between you is amazing, overwhelming and probably unnerving! This is because it will feel like nothing you’ve ever felt before for someone.

A soulmate connection is magical. It may be that you have to go through a few frogs to find your prince but without a doubt you will know when you have found them! Let any fear or past experiences melt away and embrace this new found and lifelong love, grow to trust and accept that they will be there forever. It really is very special.

If you would like to know when you are going to meet your soulmate or if indeed you think you have already met them – speak to a psychic. They will not only be able to predict current and future events but will be able to see and describe your soul connection, your past life together and all the exciting things to come.

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