It's Summertime!

After the long drawn out winter months, it is a delight to know that summer is on the way! Winter is meant to be a time of hibernation and rest to allow us to build up renewed energy ready for spring and summer. It may be a time when we plan forthcoming changes and adjustments in our life and as soon as we see some sunshine, we spring into action!

Take this time of year to look ahead to your future, plan and visualise how you would like your life to change and start to take the first steps to put your ambitions into place. Spring gives birth to new beginnings, the daffodils come through, the new buds on the trees appear and the birds are in full song. Summer brings us a warm glow of long days and light evenings giving us the renewed energy that we all crave.

Spring clean your life! Ask yourself what is holding you back from happiness and stopping you from moving forward. What is creating stress and dissatisfaction? What is an on-going burden in your everyday life? It is not always easy to change something in order to move forward with your life. However, you can begin by making small changes, taking baby steps. Once you have made the decision to do this – you are already welcoming new beginnings with open arms.

If you are unhappy at work or not feeling like your career is progressing as you would like, think about what is causing the concern. Once you have made the decision to look for another job, update your CV or approach the person at work who is causing problems, you have already taken control. Visualise where you want to be in five years’ time. Imagine you are talking to your best friend in the same situation, what advice would you give them? Don’t get stuck in a rut! Empower yourself – you are the only one who can improve your circumstances so take control and make decisions!

Is your relationship in need of some attention? Get out in the sunshine and spend some time together! Make plans for these summer months, visit friends, think about some romantic weekends away, plan a picnic! If you feel strongly that your relationship has reached the end of the road, be brave and embrace this time of year to bring a fresh start. Relationship problems can bring us down and stop us from focussing on moving forward in life and only we can know, deep in our hearts, if it’s time to let go.

Spring clean your house! The closed windows of winter bring cobwebs, dust and stagnant energy. Give your house a really good clean, be ruthless and throw away unwanted items, open the windows and bring in fresh new energy and light to the corners of every room! You will find that this will clear your mind and give you a fresh new outlook on life and you will open your mind up to change.

Release the winter doldrums and embrace this time of year; it’s time for new beginnings, renewed focus and clarity of mind. Go for it!

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